Who we are

Board of Directors
~ Shari Russell, Chair. (Saulteaux)
~ Cheryl Bear, Vice-Chair (Nadleh Whut’en)
~ Andrea Smith, Secretary (Cherokee)
~ Brooke Prentis, Treasurer (Wakka Wakka)
~ Joe Dion (Cree)
~ Holly Fortier (Cree/Dene)
~ Kallie Wood (Nakoda)
~ Donnie Begay (Navajo)
~ Kyle Taylor (Pawnee)
~ Ray Minniecon (Kabi Kabi/Gurang Gurang)
~ Naomi Wolfe (Trawlwoolway)
~ Terry LeBlanc, CEO/Exec Director (Mi'kmaq/Acadian)
Staff and Associates
~ Kharla Acosta (Filipina)
~ Deborah Faith Dimaano (Filipina)
~ Wes & Summer Graham (Euro-American)
~ Matt LeBlanc (Mi’kmaq/Acadian)
~ Terry and Bev LeBlanc (Mi’kmaq/Acadian)
~ Ji-gaabiikwe Diane Campeau (Cree)
~ Douglas McDonald (Cree)
~ Beth Wood (British Canadian/Mi’kmaq)
~ Tim & Yin Mooi Stime (Norwegian & Malaysian)
~ Carolyn Thompson (Euro-Canadian)
~ Jim Uttley (Euro-American)
About Us
Indigenous Pathways is a community of organizations with unique identities and skills that have chosen to live together within one corporate legal entity in order to more effectively work alongside Indigenous people around the world. At present, there are four members of the Indigenous Pathways family. They are NAIITS, My People, iEmergence and Wiconi.
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CRA Registration number - 86287 9392 RR0001
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