iEmergence PH: Building a cultural school with the Ata community!

It takes a community to build a school!

In the Philippines, iEmergence, together with the Ata community and Swito Designs Inc., continues to walk alongside each other to create this space of learning culture!


Panuluanan, the Ata school of cultural learning, is slowly taking shape. Last January, the community spent three days sharing stories of traditional architecture, and designed the cultural learning space collectively.

This March, the community started to prepare the two-hectare land to begin building the foundation of the learning space, with the support of community-based architects from Swito Designs. The community has also began the process of identifying local resources found within their ancestral land. We have been passionately working to support the Ata community’s aspirations by mobilizing resources for Panuluanan and by continuously seeking for partners to walk alongside indigenous people.

The Ata community needs financial resources to fund the construction of the foundation, structure, roofing and walls of each cultural structure designed by the tribal community.

We look forward to your support for this community-led project. Should you have any questions, please email us at

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