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17th Annual Symposium

NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning Community 17th Annual Symposium
June 4 - 6, 2020
Sioux Falls, SD
In Partnership with Sioux Falls Seminary and Augustana University

“Spirituality of Wellness in Community”

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Another milestone for NAIITS!

Meet Métis leader David Skene. David is our first graduate  from the MA in Indigenous Community Development Studies offered jointly with Acadia Divinity College at Acadia University. Read more…
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Journeying in a Good Way

Last February, Indigenous Pathways in cooperation with a number of local ministries hosted the Journeying in a Good Way conference, and explored questions on Indigenous Culture and Christian Faith. Read more…
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Building a Cultural School with the Ata community!

In the Philippines, iEmergence, together with the Ata community and Swito Designs Inc., continues to walk alongside each other to create this space of learning culture! Read more…
More news here…
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Thank you for Humbled Hearts!

Thank you for those who pray for growth and restoration every Tuesday and Thursday night for our women's and men's small groups in Browning, MT. It’s amazing how our Creator is responding. Read how Humbled Hearts is changing lives here…
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Many Nations One Voice!

Wiconi, the newest member of our ministry family, is hosting a Many Nations One Voice Reunion (MN1V) in Lansing, Michigan, September 29-30, 2017. Read more…
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Connecting the Dots!

So often that’s what our ministries look and feel like: finding the dots on the pages of peoples lives, or the communities they live in, that indicate our Creator is at work. Terry LeBlanc, Indigenous Pathways Director, shares his message of hope for the beginning of 2017. Read more…
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Finding Joy and Purpose

Bob Ali is a tribal youth from the Ata tribe in southern Philippines. From being a timid young man, Bob has grown to be an emerging leader of the community and an inspiration to other Ata youth. Read more about his story here!
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Walking from Wrongs to Rights

Three years ago this past September, 70,000 Vancouverites took to the streets in the Walk for Reconciliation, committing to a new relationship between “settlers” and Indigenous Peoples. This past October (14-15) we took another step on that journey at a Nestooaak gathering called Walking from Wrongs to Rights. Learn more…
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Ten Years of Mish Adventures

Thanks to you, this summer at Mish Adventures Camp, we had the awesome privilege of seeing First Nations youth like Savannah realize that “I love my job. I love these kids. They seriously make me so happy” as they joined our staff. It is moments like these that come to life as a result of the support we receive from donors like you.

We want to say: Thank you! Miigwetch!
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Amazing Time at Kids Culture Camp

What an amazing week we had at Kids Culture Camp, and Northern Ontario camps this year, filled with teaches of the land, drumming, horseback riding, making moccasins and many other activities! The smiles on all these young faces as they enjoyed and learned from the experience, fills our hearts with gladness and makes us truly thankful to all of you that continue to support all of our camps.

Thank you! Welalioq!!!
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NAIITS 2016 Graduates and Annual Symposium

While camps were the main focus of staff energy this summer - wow do youth take a lot of energy - it seemed only fitting to report on a few “older” people as well. There were some amazing highlights to other ministry programs. One we know you will be excited about was the NAIITS annual symposium on Indigenous Theology and Mission.

Read more…
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Humbled Hearts

A ministry in Browning, Montana, birthed out of Inenimowin Circle, a workshop of My People, helps people share their feelings of abuse and trains them to start circles in their own communities.

Watch how these healing circles are done HERE.
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Restoring Lives through Summer Camps

Flora has been attending a summer camp program that iEmergence provides in her community for the past 9 years. Learn about what she has gone through and why iEmergence summer camps have changed the lives of First Nations children and youth like her.

Read more…
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Elijah Harper Scholarship

Our 1st Annual NAIITS Elijah Harper Scholarship Fund Reception will be on June 2, 2016 at the Kimmerle Hall, Tyndale University College and Seminary. Special guest Anita Olsen Harper, wife of Elijah Harper, will be there.

Read more…
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Reclaiming Traditions in the Philippines

“Our future begins here.”

A tribal chief shares his dream and tells us how through collective effort and their relationship with iEmergence can they achieve this dream of a cultural learning space.

Read more…
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Theology from the Tipi (Part 2 of 3)

For Ray, the essence of Native spirituality understands the creation story and how we are related to creation. “I'm related to the land...if the land is damaged we will forget who we are. The residential school destroyed all our connections to the land. It was the annihilation of the connections of children with their parents and with the land. Even Settlers struggled with identity. When they arrived, they had no homeland and no connection to the new land."

Read more…
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Nĕstooāāk: Renewing Faith

The setting was perfect and the Tipi Experience was integral to the learning. That is what the attendees were saying after a weekend of participating in workshops, sharing meals and getting to know all the people who gathered with us and shared the issues they face today as Indigenous peoples in Canada. Dorothy Wright*, Cree from Slave Lake in the northern Alberta area told her incredible life journey, her walk with Creator and how she is now working with young people and trauma issues they face. It was heart wrenching but full of hope.

*Dorothy's great grand father was one of the original signators to Treaty 8.
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iEmergence Philippines: Reclaiming Tradition

Family support is an important protective factor for childbearing women. This is what twenty-five youth leaders who attended the conversation on Tagakolu traditional birthing last September 18-20, 2015 in Kalatagan, Malita learned from their elders.

The conversation on traditional birthing is part of the Indigenous Youth Leadership (IYL) – Tagakolu curriculum. The youth in the community expressed that they wanted to learn how their "mananamok" (Tagakolu traditional birth attendant) prepares when a woman gives birth and to understand the process of traditional birthing. The village midwife shared: "In traditional birthing, one important factor is the support given by the elders to the expectant mother that gives her the courage to welcome the birth with all her being."

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NAIITS: Reclaiming Lives

On October 26 to 30, one of our NAIITS students who is also an Indigenous Pathways board member, Marc Levasseur, had been invited to complete a special Executive Certificate on the subject of Reconciliation, conflict prevention and the promotion of a more inclusive society with the Institute for the Study of International Development at McGill University.

The background subject was the crisis that is facing the Canada in the relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous population and the need for reconciliation. Very strategic speakers and well-involved teachers came as Dr. Marie Wilson from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, the former Prime Minister Joe Clark and the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs of Quebec, Geoffrey Kelly only to name a few.

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My People: Inenimowin Circle, Restoring Faith

One of the things we discuss with women at the Inenimowin Circle and on Tuesday nights in Billings, Montana is that when abuse happens someone else has done something wrong and yet we feel illegitimate shame for it. We distinguish between legitimate shame when we have done something wrong, for which we need to repent and illegitimate shame that attacks our personal worth and tells us something not true and bad about who we are. Too many people bear scars of illegitimate shame.

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Camps in Canada

Kids Culture Camp 2015 was a great success! Read about how fun and fruitful time at camp was.
More here…

The action-packed and fun-filled three weeks at Mish Adventures 2015 was indeed life-changing! Learn about what First Nation children and youth in the Mishkeegogamang Reserve think about camp. More here…
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Director of Indigenous Pathways to be honored by Acadia Divinity College

The Board of Trustees, Faculty, Staff of Acadia Divinity College, Acadia University, Wolfville, NS presented Rev. Dr. Terry LeBlanc with a Doctor of Divinity Honorary last Sunday May 10, 2015.
Read more…
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Terry LeBlanc attended the graduation ceremony at the George Fox Evangelical Seminary last May 2, 2015 with one of our NAIITS graduates, Michelle Foster, who received her MA in Intercultural Studies. We are proud of you, Michelle!
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Our very own Ray Aldred has been chosen by the Vancouver School of Theology Board of Governors as the Director of the Indigenous Studies Program. To read more about this appointment, please visit their website here.
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