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Removing Barriers and Building Bridges

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"we-cho-nee" Lakota/Sioux language meaning "Life"

Following the passing of Wiconi’s co-founder, Richard Twiss, the board of Wiconi determined to keep his vision alive through the implementation of new strategies. For just over two years, Wiconi was able to make this new arrangement work, completing several new projects and continuing the family camp and powwow.

After a few years, however, it became obvious that help was needed. At that time, the Wiconi board decided to approach Indigenous Pathways, then home to iEmergence, My People and NAIITS, for assistance. This led to a mutual decision for Wiconi to become a member of the Indigenous Pathways family in 2015. The vision continued!

In 2020 and beyond, the same vision that launched Wiconi in 2000 will be supported as a more fully integrated part of Indigenous Pathways’ two larger programs. Now, you will find things like the Pine Lake Family Camp and Powwow partnered with the Salvation Army in Canada, Speaking opportunities, Conferences, Workshops and Community Development initiatives delivered through the work of iEmergence and NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning Community along with their other programs.

With the blessing of Indigenous Pathways, the Wiconi Family Camp and Living Waters Powwow in Turner, Oregon continues, but is now under the direction of our many good friends who have served as its longstanding volunteer and support team since its inception. You can check the Oregon program out here.

Overall, we feel these initiatives are a great way to ensure the Wiconi vision continues into the future – in the USA, Canada, and around the globe!

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An Indigenous Learning Community

We are dedicated to working together with the Indigenous community in the development and articulation of Indigenous perspectives in theology and practice.

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Building Pathways

We are a catalyst for building pathways for Indigenous youth, young adults, their families and communities to engage in culturally appropriate holistic transformational development.

About Us
Indigenous Pathways is a community of organizations with unique identities and skills that have chosen to live together within one corporate legal entity in order to more effectively work alongside Indigenous people around the world. At present, there are four members of the Indigenous Pathways family. They are NAIITS, My People, iEmergence and Wiconi.
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